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In this essay I employ memory theories to examine Absalom, Absalom! The thesis of the essay and the initial interpretation is that the aspirations of artistry lead the characters into a destructive way of living. In this thesis the aim is to examine how objects matter with regards to orientation in the work To Pieces written by the Finnish author Henry Parland. Despite the popularity and influence of children's and YA graphic novels, the genre has not received adequate scholarly attention. Södertörns högskola, Institutionen för genus, kultur och historia, Litteraturvetenskap.

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By embracing the strong and negative feeling of paranoia, the reader, I argue, has the opportunity to, together with the text, construct another narrative about the seducer Azorno — which is the name of the main character of the novel— and, the perhaps five, women who might be his mistresses.

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Together these two theories are put to work in the novel To Pieces which becomes a place for them to join together by showing how orientation is formed reciprocally in the subject-object discourse. One of my conclusions is that the main difference between the adaptations is how the moral and judging narrator of the novel has been adapted. Both of them did, between the years towrite about adolescent men coming to terms with their homosexuality. While the strategy of lending a voice to the monstrous is a well known aspect of Howard Phillips Lovecraft's works, the female monster is a notable exception to this case. These are the marginalized positions from which these women elaborate a monstrous form that transcends the boundaries of sex, gender, class and race. Hon kommer själv till tals via citat knutna till sin produktion och genom påvisade beröringspunkter med den surrealistiska poeten och skådespelaren Antonin Artaud.

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