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Utifrån det drar de slutsatsen att dagens klassificering av diabetes inte förmår att skräddarsy behandling för patienter med sjukdomen på ett bra sätt. The time to sustained insulin use was also shortest in these two clusters. The clusters included one of very insulin-resistant individuals at significantly higher risk of diabetic nephropathy, another of relatively young insulin deficient individuals with poor metabolic control high HbA1cand a large group of elderly patients with the most benign disease course. Prospective data from the Eurodiale Study. By contrast with previous attempts to dissect the hetero- geneity of diabetes,23 we used variables re ective of key aspects of diabetes that are monitored in patients.

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Analys sker i samarbete med konsult från Institutionen för matematisk statistik på Chalmers.

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De redovisade också att tillgång till ett digitaliserat fotprotokoll gör att fler fötter undersöks. The misdiagnosis results in an increased risk of poor glycemic control compared with patients with type 2 diabetes and a far greater reliance on insulin. We identified five replicable clusters of patients with diabetes, which had significantly different patient characteristics and risk of diabetic complications. While acknowledging that their study has several limitations and needs confirmation in other, less homogenous populations, researchers say that the combined information provided by the variables in their analysis is "superior to measurement of only one metabolite, glucose. Undersökningen utförs på samma sätt som vid första besöket.


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